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About us

PRISMA’s business philosophy is specified in what we know as company values, whose fundamental aim is to define business and professional attitudes that must materialize in specific behaviors when we provide services to our clients.

We believe that our success, both professional and business, is determined when we are able to communicate and demonstrate that we are part of a human group that, beyond our personal differences, behaves in accordance with corporate values.

It is not about demanding, but about suggesting to each and every one of PRISMA’s professionals, to follow the established corporate behavior, both for personal interest and for collective interest. Let’s not forget that individual professional prestige is derived directly from the prestige of the company where each one provides or has provided their services.

Our history:

  • PRISMA was founded in 1996 integrated into a multi-service agency for companies, the main activity of the company was the recruitment and selection of professionals for car dealers.
  • In 1999, it was refounded as PRISMA Training and Human Resources, focused on the automotive sector and directing its main activity towards the provision of human resources and commercial training services for automobile manufacturers and importers and their dealer networks. as well as auxiliary companies.
  • In 2004 it took its current name, PRISMA Automotive Specialists, expanding its activities to areas such as outsourcing, software development, coaching, business consulting, etc.


Corporate values


professional honesty

We always offer the best of ourselves. We do not like to mislead our customers or create false expectations. Our work has to be of quality, according to our personal, professional and business possibilities, and always focused on solving the needs expressed by our clients.

shared benefit

The win-win philosophy is the secret of our success. We do not conceive the benefit if it is not based on a benefit for our clients. We apply a vocation of service to our clients, who are the ones that make our professional development and economic growth possible.

customer loyalty

Being loyal to our customers is completing the two previous values. Maintain an optimal degree of professional commitment, involvement with the client and confidentiality, both of data relating to that client and of the services provided. Loyalty is our guarantee for the future, our success in the medium and long term.

Inbound Marketing

signs of identity

From the commercial point of view and presentation to clients, PRISMA is configured as an agency focused on the following hallmarks:

automotive specialists

We are a consulting agency that works exclusively in the automotive sector. Our first sign of identity is specialization.


With a vocation to work as a partner

Working as a partner means integrating ourselves into the client’s team, into the objectives of the organization to which we provide services. Do not limit ourselves to providing a service without more.

With the design of tailored services

The services provided must be tailored to the needs of the client, not with a standardized format.

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