Inbound Marketing Guide

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You are about to discover the operation of the most popular Marketing methodology in the world , its history, operation, and the strategies and tactics that you have to apply to effectively publicize your products and services.

If you spend the time to read this guide carefully , you will understand not only what the Inbound method consists of, but you will also be able to create an effective Inbound Marketing Plan , according to the new behaviors and habits of consumers.

Complete guide to understand what Inbound Marketing is. Inbound Marketing Guide.

The time has come! We present you the most complete Inbound Guide of 2022

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This guide is designed for any professional, individual or company that wants to increase the sales of their business.

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Course Objectives

Applying massive, depersonalized and intrusive marketing strategies is no longer a viable option to attract new customers. The goal of this guide is for you to learn how to create a successful inbound strategy.

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This guide has been prepared by the Grupo Prisma Marketing department, made up of specialists in the sector.

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Contents of the Inbound Marketing guide


Module 1 | What is Inbound Marketing?

Explanation of the Inbound methodology: What is it? What does it consist of? + an example to explain how this methodology works.


Module 2 | the sales funnel

What is a sales funnel? How does it work? What benefits does it generate? What is the relationship between the funnel and Inbound Marketing?


Module 3 | History of Inbound Marketing

In this module we review the past of Inbound Marketing, the present and the future of this methodology focused on generating value.


Module 4 | How to create an inbound strategy

We explain the 3 steps you have to follow to develop a successful Inbound Marketing strategy.


Module 5 | Inbound Marketing Strategies

Find out what the 7 most successful Inbound strategies are. The objective of this module is for you to start selling according to the Inbound principles.


Final Module | conclusion

Review of the most outstanding elements of this guide + Final recommendation to increase the sales of your business.

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Course Reviews

The Internet has changed everything. And companies cannot be left behind. From the Marketing area, we have the responsibility of adapting to the new behaviors and purchasing habits of consumers.


Ayelen Aguirre

Digital Marketing Specialist

There are still many companies that apply massive, depersonalized and intrusive marketing strategies, as was done decades ago. However, continuing to apply this methodology is no longer a viable option to attract new customers.


Ruben Borrero

Inbound Marketing Consultant

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