Free Digital Marketing Consulting

As Digital Marketing consultants, we put at your disposal our knowledge and time.

Free Digital Marketing Consulting.

1. Choose a date

Choose the day and time that best suits your schedule

Once you fill in the contact form, we will contact you to define the day and time of the online consulting session. As far as possible, we adapt to your requirements.

2. Enjoy the consulting session

The session lasts 30 minutes

This session is focused on exposing us the current situation of your business, your doubts and needs. We will try to answer all of them, and give you some outlines of the actions that you must carry out to increase the sales of your business.

3. Receive a recommendation report

We want to help you increase the sales of your business

After the consulting session, we will send you a brief, but concise, analysis of the possible solutions to the problems (or challenges) that you have raised. Our goal is for you to get the most out of this Digital Marketing meeting.

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Frequent questions:

How can a consulting session benefit me?

As consultants specialized in Digital Marketing, we want to focus the session on reviewing the current situation of your company, the established objectives and the way to fulfill them. This session, totally free, will help you identify which strategies and tactics you should implement, according to the previous analysis that we carry out of your company.

What are we going to see during the consulting session?

Before the session, from Grupo Prisma’s Marketing department we will analyze your company’s website and products, so that, during the consultancy, we can focus on your needs, concerns and queries, without “wasting time” in a previous analysis. of your company.

That said, each company is unique. And, as a consequence, each session is too. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare the relevant documentation before the session. In this way, you will be able to get the most out of the 30 minutes of consulting.

Our goal is that you can make the most of the meeting, and accompany you in the development of your business.

How will the session take place?

We carry out all online consultancies. Once you fill in the contact form, we will contact you to define the day and time of the session. And then we will send you a link to enter the virtual room at the agreed time.

How many can participate in the session?

Of course, several people can participate in the meeting, in addition to the one who contacts us for the consulting session.

However, since the meeting will be “only” 30 minutes, we recommend that the essential people participate, so that the meeting moves smoothly.

Do I have to pay anything for the consulting session?

Do not! We offer you our consulting service, completely free of charge.

After the session, do I have any commitment with the company?

Absolutely. As we have already transferred you, the session will be completely free. Our objective is to give you a recommendation of the strategies and tactics that you should apply, according to the previous analysis that we carry out of your company, as well as the concerns and needs that you share with us during the session.

Without obligation

We offer a free consulting session because we can, and want, to help you.

Specialized Team

During the session you can ask your questions to consultants specialized in Digital Marketing.

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