Validation and Internal Promotion

Work motivation is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for business success. Trust us to keep your work team motivated.

What is validation and internal promotion in the company?

Internal promotion, understood as a personnel selection method in which the job candidates are the company’s own employees, can generate great benefits for both the company and its own workers. Among other reasons, because this restructuring of the company makes it possible to reward those professionals who have shown greater worth and commitment.

However, there are different types of internal promotion, depending on factors such as the type of company, the position to be filled or the duration of the promotion. For this reason, it is advisable not to take this validation and personal promotion process lightly.

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Why is it important to bet on this service?

At Grupo Prisma, we offer a promotion service that includes:

Curriculum assessment
Psychotechnical application
professional tests
Interview by competencies
Reference Analysis
Findings report
All this, in order to guarantee success in the personal validation and promotion process.

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Advantages of internal promotion


team motivation

Study of the motivational level of work teams in terms of their performance, social image and brand expectations.

Compensation and Remuneration

Analysis of variables, bonuses, benefits and commissions, with a view to implementing effective compensation and remuneration models.

Management and organization

Management of work processes, definition of functions, responsibilities and objectives and establishment of the decision-making level of each employee.

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