Work climate study

Work motivation is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for business success. Trust us to keep your work team motivated.

What is a work climate study?

The work environment is an issue of vital importance for companies, as it is closely related to labor productivity and, therefore, to the success or failure of an organization. Having a group of satisfied and committed workers increases labor productivity and the service and treatment offered to customers, maintaining lasting relationships with them and allowing the company to grow continuously.

Now, how can you know the effectiveness of the work environment? Although there are numerous methodologies, carrying out a labor survey allows us to know the vision of the employees regarding the business culture, the corporate culture, the work environment, the attitudes and experiences of the employees or the existing types of leadership, among others. factors.

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Why is it important to bet on this service?

In this sense, we highlight that productivity can be increased by 30%, simply by improving the work environment among colleagues, the hierarchical team and the members of the organization.

Therefore, it is essential to commit to maintaining a favorable work environment. And, this is precisely one of the tasks that we carry out with the most success at Grupo Prisma. In fact, we have been perfecting this service for more than 25 years, and the satisfaction of our clients is a reflection of our “know how”.

Advantages of fostering a favorable work environment


team motivation

Study of the motivational level of work teams in terms of their performance, social image and brand expectations.

Compensation and Remuneration

Analysis of variables, bonuses, benefits and commissions, with a view to implementing effective compensation and remuneration models.

Management and organization

Management of work processes, definition of functions, responsibilities and objectives and establishment of the decision-making level of each employee.

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As specialists in the area of Human Resources, we are aware of the importance of personnel in the results of a company. For this reason, we focus on offering a quality service that lives up to expectations.


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