Reorganization of work teams

Work motivation is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for business success. Trust us to keep your work team motivated.

What is the reorganization of work teams?

Ensuring the success of a work team is a very complex and delicate task that requires experience and technical knowledge. For example, for team members to work together effectively, it is necessary to meet a series of psycho-sociological and socio-technical conditions. Additionally, aspects such as the design of the team, the establishment of “smart” objectives, the definition of the responsibilities of each member or the implementation of actions that contribute to the development of the team cannot be neglected.

At Grupo Prisma we focus on the definition of positions and performance, the analysis of the productivity and motivation of each employee, their performance, the analysis of leadership or sociograms, among other points of vital relevance.

And, of course, we do it because the method that we have been applying for more than 25 years generates real results for companies. A well-organized team is a motivated, creative team, capable of identifying strengths and weaknesses and serving as a reference for other work groups. And sometimes team reorganization is more than a necessity, it’s a priority.

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Why is it important to bet on this service?

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Advantages of team reorganization


team motivation

Study of the motivational level of work teams in terms of their performance, social image and brand expectations.

Compensation and Remuneration

Analysis of variables, bonuses, benefits and commissions, with a view to implementing effective compensation and remuneration models.

Management and organization

Management of work processes, definition of functions, responsibilities and objectives and establishment of the decision-making level of each employee.

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We are the leading Spanish consulting firm in the automotive sector. Our Know How, experience and price differentiate us from the competition.


As specialists in the area of Human Resources, we are aware of the importance of personnel in the results of a company. For this reason, we focus on offering a quality service that lives up to expectations.


The experience is nothing more than having faced a large number of challenges for decades, knowing exactly what each situation requires. After 25 years working as a company specialized in Human Resources, we can guarantee that experience is a degree.


We offer a quality service, based on more than 25 years of experience in the sector. However, we are aware that price is a key factor for our customers. For this reason, we also offer a very competitive price on all our services. Contact us to know the exact price of each service.


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